The Importance of Social Media for Your Veterinary Practice Now

How often do you use a phonebook when you want to find a business? Never? How do you search for a barber, tailor, bakery, or a boutique? You jump on your smartphone -- not even your computer -- and type in Barber Timbuktu.

The little Google gears or Bing bots get to work and spit out the names of a handful of barbers that are in the Timbuktu area. Do you think from this example that people who are searching for your veterinary practice might use a computer or smartphone to find you or a listing in the phone book?

Do you understand how the search engines work? Do search engines know every actual business in the Timbuktu region? Not necessarily, and here's why. This is leading us to the importance of social media for a veterinary practice. So just be patient while we build up to it.

Search engines know the Internet and its contents. They are sometimes tipped off by a new company that their new website is up and running. This is called registering a website with the search engines. Once a website is registered, the search engines know to crawl it and index the information to make it searchable.

The only issue is that the search engines are far savvier than they used to be in the early days of the Internet. Before recommending a business, and putting it near the top of the search results, a business will need to prove it is not only real but that it is well-received by its customers.

How does a search engine determine all of this? Through the use of social media mentions, shares, and followers that mention and like your veterinary practice. Now it is all starting to make some sense, right?

That means you need to get a Facebook page for your business, along with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. Each of these needs to be updated daily on weekdays. Members of the vet practice may make videos showing pet owners how to wash their dogs, and what to look for in quality cat food, and the like. Post these videos on a YouTube channel, and include them on every social media site too.

That's the basics of why you might want to get a social media plan together for your veterinary practice. That will help business and build your practice as a likable brand.

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